Corsica Walking vol.5

In the first place there is the impression why the forest decreased in mainland. The mainland had much bad land  two or three years ago, but there were many beautiful places. The decrease of the forest may mean the increase of the people who cannot use prims to vegetation. Does the decrease of the laird synchronize with RL financial crisis?

Oh? A few trees grows on a big rock.

It seems to be a huge mushroom.

(A) It is a site of Dana’s Temple here. It is written for the explanation of the land as follows.

“I built this giant temple just for the hell of it.
More than two thousand prims.  It took months to build.
Come take a look, why don’t you?”

The elaborate fixtures of this temple.

Perhaps there is not the meaning of the temple itself. In the meaning that it is religious.

Is it U.S. national flag and  the United Nations flag and what is it of this side most?

(B) I moved to east next region. Tomorrow’s Surenity seemed to be the park first, but it is a shopping mall.

“Tal. We are Tomorrow’s Surenity,Home and Main Store. All are welcome to have some fun .Try your luck with the LUCKY FORTUNE and MIDNIGHT MANIA. CAMP! Join our group Tomorrow’s Surenity to stay informed on concerts,Griefers will get banned.”

The plant that this small flowers bloomed is good.

I like the topography full of ups and downs than the flat topography.

The Corsica continent is interesting in this sense.

Oh!,a signboard of “Sandbov” written in Japanese.

(C) ::H&G MALL::(Japanese shopping mall)

I move to the south.


(D) The land which was covered to screens and a board of default prim.

Seeing from the sky, that  condition can understand it.

A large quantity of screens.

It was to surround s land.

There was a moon base inside.

The screen may be surely necessary. A waterfall side by side with the moon base.

The view from the top of a high mountain should be originally good. However, mainland is free who makes what. It is very likely that a view is shut out.

I returned to my Rera. It is not mainland here. I take a trip to mainland, but don’t live in there. I make some mountains in my homestead and plant many trees.

Anybody does not build an unwilling building here.

In fact, I live in such a solitary island. hahaha…

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8 Responses to Corsica Walking vol.5

  1. baker b. says:

    I am looking at all your Corisca related posts again, ujiyasu, since I’ve bought a larger parcel there now.

    And I visited Rera. What a great place to live!! I can see how much of the mainland would disappoint you in comparison. 🙂

  2. ujiyasu says:

    Did you buy more larger parcel? It in any continent? I must visit your blog 🙂

    And thank you for praising my Rera. Of course mainland has both good and bad points. Private region has both good and bad points, too.

    Anxiety is that LL seems to have lost enthusiasm of landscaping. landscaping of the Old World of LL was wonderful.

  3. baker b. says:


    The Corsica plot is about 3000 sq meters, and in Asha. Most of my land tier is still tied up in Jeogeot (Otaki Gorge, Noru).

    I agree that Old World landscaping is better. Even something really simple like *grass* — grass, ujiyasu! Linden grass is a wonderful product, but little used these days, it seems. And the Linden’s “leafy ground cover” is great as well.

    But where are the new Linden plants???

  4. ujiyasu says:

    3000 sq ?
    So gorgeous!! 🙂

    “It is easy to create the world that is more beautiful than the reality world for the virtual world.”

    There may be many people thinking like that.
    However, how about the *reality* in the virtual world?

    The land which seems to be much industrial waste places,a big city without inhabitants and the wreckage of the building block which an infant played and scattered…

    It’s a true part in Mainland. Of course LL declares that SL is a platform. However, it is the same as indifference for the land use. The natural scene is not the thing which a human being created. Originally there was beautiful nature there.

    A landowner must plant trees for natural reproduction in SL. Reality and the difference with the virtual world are these.

    The planting uses a cost in SL. It is obvious that the owner of the small land hates planting. It’s a cause of the scenes of mainland which is poor in green.

    I wish LL planting on the absent land of inhabitants. I’m convinced that it raises value of SIM in mainland.

    And Linden Plant…
    I must write about it in my blog newly.

  5. “I wish LL planting on the absent land of inhabitants.”

    The Otherland estate use to do this, and may still. I thought it was a great idea. They used a mixture of Linden plants. I use to live in the Stephen sim of Otherland, and although absent of other landowners while I was there, there was still a great pine and oak forest all around my land. It’s a place I still miss, but I had to move back to mainland. 🙂

    Check out a sample Otherland pic from 2009. About all those trees are planted by management.

  6. ujiyasu says:

    Is there The Otherland in the Satori continent northern part?

    I visited there before if it was so.
    And I wasn’t able to find Stephen SIM by search of viewer.

  7. Hey,

    Stephen sim, yeah, it’s disappeared. 😦

    1 of closest sim is here.

    That’ll put you on top of a mtn. for a better look.

    Otherland is not part of mainland, but a separate, larger estate, like Azure Islands. Use to be larger.

  8. ujiyasu says:

    Ahh,I see 🙂
    I understood.

    I must really go to there.
    I will write the impression again afterwards.
    baker,your description is full of implication. The true English master seems to be you.

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