Corsica Walking vol.4

(A) RedNeck Country Bikers & Guns

“BAR & GUNS!  LOW LOW Rent Apt & Homes. IM-NC Me Lot To Do for Couples or Singles Human or Not. ATT. DJ’s…Nice Bar if you want to Practice or Put on a show for your Group. Let Me Know.Free of Charge. TexasChainSaw Dreadlow”

I was irritated by the existence of the tree which the structure that loading was slow was used for.

Some trees have the cause of the problem than flowers. When pixels which texture of the tree has much was used, the loading is delayed. The garden where a lot of such trees were used for is gray forever.

There is a cave along the shore.

Can’t you see a fall of the water? However, that is a waterfall.

(B) I moved to east next region. There seems to be names of some lands in the region. However, the owner is same.

A small railroad track is spread there, and some rivers flow. The track may be a thing by Kitto Flora.

The river seems to become a mountain stream as I go to the upper reaches.

That castle,palace helps the beautification of the scene, too.

It is a splendid scene, but I am worried about wall screen.

There are few people who can make such a scene in mainland.

We can make such a splendid place with only Linden Trees. Here proves it.

There was the wall screen to shut out the existence of this big shop,DANCE ANIMATIONS.

(C) En Garde! I knew that there was fencing in SL for the first time.

Strategic one-on-one Fencing from Procyon Games.

(D) Tiffany’s Nightclub Dance Club Strip Club & Shopping Mall

There is traffic more than 20000 here.

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2 Responses to Corsica Walking vol.4

  1. bakerblinker says:

    “We can make such a splendid place with only Linden Trees. Here proves it.”

    I agree! That’s a wonderful parcel. I just went the other night. I plan to return soon.

  2. ujiyasu says:

    When I look at such a place, I am very glad.
    The people have many purposes in SL.
    LL says that SL is a platform.

    It is my joy to find the beautiful place in the very large mainland 🙂

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