Corsica : The flight by SAAB Viggen vol.2

I noticed that the airports in the Corsica continent deviated to the South-West to see an airport map. The area of the plan that I explore from now on does not  have the airport most. I must fly the long ranges from the airport of the western part to the eastern part. And, as for the low-altitude flight there, a risk is big. My Viggen which a device keeping flight altitude was put on may solve the problem. I decided to go for the verification flight at once.

エアポートマップを見ててコルシカ大陸における飛行場分布の偏りが気になりました。あたしが今まで探索した地域に偏在してこれからのとこはとても少ないw 大陸の西側から遠く離れた東側の目的地まで飛んで、そこで低空飛行を繰り返すという過酷なことをしなければならないかも知れません。さっきViggenの高度維持装置搭載型での内陸低空飛行に成功したので次も急遽大陸北部へ飛んで検証することに。

I aim at the northeast island from the air field of Sheerstone Lighthouse Marina.

Sheerstone Lighthouse Marinaのエアフィールドから北東の島を目指します。

I fly at a high altitude to the objective island.


I lose altitude to 100m on the sea just before the purpose Island and just penetrate inland.


A building and drawing of trees do not catch up with it. However, I can confirm the state of the topography.


I evaded the inland flight at the low altitude till now. However, as for this Viggen, high speed flies a low altitude safely.


I fly around the mountainous district at the altitude that is lower.


My Viggen flies over BAN LINE.

BAN LINEの上限の上を正確にViggenは飛行し続けます。

I can devote myself to the operation of the camera.


My Viggen regulates altitude automatically and goes over a mountain and flies.


But the altitude is maintained in the middle of turning.


I am a feeling steering a jet reconnaissance plane 🙂


I went last time to this side of the dangerous air boundary that crashed.


I changed a course just before a dangerous air boundary.


I decided to fly in content with a comfortable flight to the Nautilus continent. And I raised altitude and gave speed.



The evasion of the skyboxes to be dotted with.


I flew to the Nautilus city. I fly near surface of the sea  and go to the east.


I pass the side of the flying boat of Blake Sea.

Blake Seaの飛行艇の横を通過します。

I aim at the Acknefar airport.


I arrived safely 🙂


The owner of airport,Leah rushed about for a rare thing on an airport. I talked with her. I was surprised in her having had Fw190 which I wanted. The ace belongs the 54th fighter wing,Walter Nowotny recorded 250 shooting down in the Eastern Front.

珍しくオーナーのリアさんが上空を飛び回っていたのでお邪魔してお話させてもらいました。リアさんものすごくいろんな飛行機持ってる@@ あたしがひそかにあこがれのFw190なんかの話をするとサクってRezしちゃいますww Fw190いいなあ・・・ Fw190でのエースパイロットといえば東部戦線でソ連機250機を撃墜した第54戦闘航空団ヴァルター・ノヴォトニーが知られています。

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