Corsica : The flight by SAAB Viggen vol.1

(A) I took out a seaplane at the spot where I let a boat anchor yesterday((Corsica : The boat navigation vol.4)). I was going to do detached water toward the south, but my seaplane’s script is out of condition.

(A) 昨日(Corsica : The boat navigation vol.4) ここでボートを停泊させたRez可能地点で水上機を出します。しかし南に向けて離水を図ったもののなんだかスクリがおかしいw

I returned. However, I contacted with BAN LINE which there was not yesterday. And I was shot out of my airplane. The existence of BAN LINE cannot be settled.

戻ろうと反転したところBAN LINEに引っかかって落ちました。昨日はなかったのに・・・。んなわけでBAN LINEのマップを作ろうとしても無理なんです。毎日のように変わるので。

I looked for the place that could take out my seaplane and went to the east. However, I cannot readily discover the place.

I finally found the place that was Rezing possibility,Beautiful Oceanside Parcel. I planned detached water from there, but fell immediately.


(B) I did relog again. I flew out from the air field of Sheerstone Lighthouse Marina to the east this time. I notice that there is this Viggen without a high retainer and come back. I’m not efficient.

(B) リログしてSheerstone Lighthouse Marinaのエアフィールドから東へ飛び出しましたが高度維持装置付きじゃない従来型のViggenだったことに気付いて再び戻るはめに。なんだか要領悪いw

I changed to Viggen of the improvement type. It descends for maintain an altitude of 100m that I set.


My Viggen continued a stable flight. I penetrate in peace to the mountainous area.


However, the tall wall appearing suddenly must evade it.  I click my tongue on this wall. It destroys a scene remarkably, and it is the obstruction of the flight. I fell a while ago at the same spot. I appoint there in “the dangerous air boundary”.

が、突然現れる壁。なんなんでしょうねww こんな壁何の意味があるのか・・・ 結局水上機が遭難した箇所の上空でまたも操縦不能になってそのままBAN LINEへ突っ込んでリログ。魔の空域として覚えとかなくちゃ。

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