Delfin Documentary stopped in Japan vol.1


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Delfin Documentary stopped in Japan

 The Oscar-winning documentary film “The Cove” has been stopped from being shown in Japan. The managers feared violent protests from right-wing groups who believe that the film is Japan Hosting.

 The movie shows the Japanese fishermen in the bloody scenes of slaughtering dolphins in a bay blocked off. In pure thriller, the pace may be to follow a group of activists who are fighting against the Japanese fishermen and police in order to get insight into the slaughter.

The Japanese distributor has received threatening calls on the film.  Planned tours have now been stopped in Tokyo and Osaka, but negotiations are still ongoing about the movie to appear on other sites. “The Cove” – which means “bay” – was shown at the Tokyo Film Festival last year.




この映画は示しています ベイにイルカを殺すの流血シーンで日本の漁師がオフにブロックされます。純粋なスリラーで、ペースは日本の漁師や警察に対する注文虐殺への洞察を得るために戦っている活動家のグループに従うことができます。


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J : S.torturing and killing others is not culture. We can not and will obviously put pressure on Japan for the atrocities taking place there. We should also stop eating meat and press for animal rights here at home. One does not exclude the other.

を拷問して、殺すことは、文化ではない。私たちは、明らかに日本の残虐行為が行わの圧力を置くことができます。我々は、肉を食べるのも止めなければならなくて自宅でここの動物の権利も迫らなければなりません 人は、他を除外しません。

 S: There is also a question of culture. Should we wipe out culture now just because people care more about dolphins and whales than on pork and chicken?  What are the limits? Perhaps we should all change our dietary habits.

S : 文化の問題(疑問)も、あります。ポークとチキンより人々はよりイルカとクジラが好きであるなら、我々は現在文化を一掃しなければなりませんか?限度は、何ですか?おそらく、我々全員は、我々の食習慣を変えなければなりません。

The simplest solution would be that we reduce all types of meat consumption. Japan now also commit massive crimes against freedom of expression, which seems strange in such a modern society.


The Japanese are not hostile. They interview the Japanese pulp from Tokyo who had no clue about the slaughtered dolphins. It happens only in one place in Japan。In Sweden, of course it deals with pigs that shit what is the difference? Sure, dolphins contain toxins, but they may of course blame themselves.

日本人は、敵対的でありません。彼らは、虐殺されたイルカについて手掛かりを持たなかった東京から、日本の低俗な部分にインタビューします。それは、日本の1つの場所だけで、起こります。スウェーデンで、それが糞をするブタと分けるコースの、違いは何ですか? 確かで、イルカは毒素を含みます、しかし、彼らはもちろん彼ら自身を非難するかもしれません。

 “Those responsible feared violent protests from right-wing groups who believe that the film is Japan Hosting.”
What is the “responsible” in this context? Those who made the film, or those who want to stop the movie (and what is the ISF?), Or someone completely different?


I think that we have to classify these problems.

1.The consideration about a Japanese eating a whale and a dolphin.

2.What is the culture?

3.Freedom of expression and speech in Japan.

4.About a Japanese right wing.






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