Corsica : Waterfall by Vanity Mole

I overlooked Waterfall by Vanity Mole which baker mentioned in his Comma… Bracket… Quotation Mark?. I passed by here yesterday…

A huge wall is installed in the south of this waterfall.

And the balls of the default prims are left in the west of the waterfall. They are the scenery which wants to look away for me.

This waterfall is very splendid. However, unfortunately the waterfall is buried among neighboring objects.

When this waterfall was made, circumference may not have had many objects.

I see a huge snowy lump over there.

Does the lump seem to cover the waterfall?

I looked at this huge castle yesterday. However, it is “a huge castle” literally. I did not have something to explain besides it. I neglected to watch the base of the castle carelessly.

I like the beautiful scene, but it is pain to watch sloppy things.

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