Corsica Walking vol.3

I’standing at the southernmost extreme of a waterway lying in the north and south at the center of Chopsaw.

There are the flower garden and the Japanese woman’s small house on the land of the East. The criticism to the Japanese about whales/dolphins are big recently.

“Japanese is barbarian.”

Criticism to such a Japanese is big led by Europe and America. However, the barbarian Japanese builds a beautiful garden and a modest house here.

The neighbor sets up BAN LINE to a border. Surely they may not want to contact Japanese barbarian.

There is Japanese 4Yu in the other side of the waterway.

The barbarians make accessories there. How? Are they barbarian accessories?

Urcho Archo is a quiet residential area.

Decapitus is region which is full of castles.

There is the deep forest in Twisster.

“The barbarian leave”

I seem to be said so…

The feeling that I do not feel fine at.


Should I cancel a trip? There is not it here in Japanese land. I eat neither the whale nor the dolphin. However, I am criticized by being a Japanese.

Japanese culture itself seems to be criticized soon.

Japanese existence itself seems to be criticized in the last.

Is it the new Holocaust? Sink a Japanese ship! Kill the Jap!

Sangre Noir-gothic

Gothic clothing for your dark lifestyle.  Also Cynicism gestures, 44 Caliber items.  Male kilt, Formal and gothic gowns, corseted gowns, gothic kimonos, retro dresses, tophats, bowlers, teahats,pants, jeans, gypsy skirts, gypsy shirts, pagan, wiccan

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