Corsica : The flight by OS2U vol.6

The building of Sheerstone Lighthouse Marina may have been completed.

Does the cutter belong to this station?

I went from the sky of the station to the east.

An island was seen in the point of some SIMs.Oh,I see a runway.

kotora Airport

It is the airport which a Japanese owns here.

I fly to the east more. Right region,Right region Exomorogun is Japanese SIM, too.

I saw an island southeast.

It is an island of a splendid scene.

 The western region was the sea, but there are the existence of some avatars. Height of 300m had a building. However, I fell just after that.

I visited Wyrldmaker by the second flight.

However, I was not able to go out of here. The airplane separated with me, and I was fixed in the corner of region. I did re-log.

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3 Responses to Corsica : The flight by OS2U vol.6

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  2. bakerblinker says:

    The island you mentioned here as splendid is an almost picture perfect one. My only criticism is that the top of the central mountain should have remained a park.

    I have some pictures here that I’ll add text to soon. I’m calling it the Eye of Rye… long, nonsensical story concerning the name, as usual. 🙂
    One of the finest places I’ve visited in Corsica so far for sure.

  3. ujiyasu says:

    And there is beautiful corals in the bottom of the sea around this island.

    We can get a hint of our production from work of LDPW 🙂

    And their works are economical.

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