Japanese Prime Minister resigned today – Can Naoto is expected to take over power

from DN.se

Japanese Prime Minister resigned today – Can Naoto is expected to take over power

Two days ago, Yukio Hatoyama Japanese Prime Minister said that he would resign, but it was today formally. The ruling party has chosen Naoto DPJ Will the new leader.

The news about Yukio Hatayama, Japanese Prime Minister, resignation was not entirely unexpected.

Despite the fact that he as leader of the DPJ, the Democratic Party, came to power after a landslide in August 2009 has recently been characterized by declining opinon statistic, largely due to the row over a U.S.military database.

After the vote the party chose the DPJ former Finance Minister Naoto Will the new leader, who according to the BBC said he was promising a “new start”.

If Parliament accepts the election, he becomes the country’s new prime minister.

The House has DPJ majority and the approval of Naoto Can expected on Friday.

Naoto Kan, which is 63 years old, would become Japan’s fifth prime minister in less than four years.

Extract of the comments

*Military Database ….. DN, you must hire people who proofread articles before they are released. Misspellings are more the rule than the exception in your articles these days and gives an unprofessional impression and Taff. In this article, however, was the error worse. Changing the word “bass” to “database” is like writing an article on apples and replace all the “apples” to “Zeppelin”

 *Ahah “mililtaly databas!”  Who is writing this crap? Read on a bit first.

*On the other hand, pigs are smarter than dogs, so with that logic can be dog meat substitute pork? As a vegetarian life in Japan is difficult, I can attest. Japanese food is not as useless as Swedish, but they squeezed in some sort of animal products in almost everything. I can draw parallels to Sweden, but while we Swedes neither is particularly fond of either Prime Minister or King then giggles at the Japanese prime minister and admire the emperor.

* Is there only one leader in Japan who swear allegiance to someone, and it is the Emperor …

The sign of the comment of the reader is that DN considered a base to be a database 🙂

As for my being concerned, most of the Japanese do not eat a dolphin. It is the manners and customs that were extremely edible in some fishing villages. However, I did not know it until recently, too. And the Japanese Emperor is never a monarch.

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