The test flight by my Viggen

The altitude retainer which myuki prepared into my SAAB Viggen was incorporated. I fly it for its examination from the Nautilus continent to the Corsica continent.

I go to the south once to the Nautilus city from the Acknefar airport.

The sea to the Nautilus city sets it for an altitude of 50m maintenance. I don’t have to be careful to altitude of Viggen.

My Viggem flies altitude of marine 50m precisely.

I should be careful about a strangely high-rise building to sometimes appear.

I go from the Nautilus city to the north. I change altitude for 100m maintenance for a flight that I go over the mountainous district.

I must be careful to the skyboxes in the low altitude this time.

My Viggen is automatically controlled depending on the altitude of the surface of the earth.

I removed a high retainer in a neighborhood of Kinrara of Corsica and went down to the low altitude.

A comfortable flight.

I arrived at the Kinrara airport.

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