The Swedish open sandwich is called smörgås. The smörgås is edible in NYBROE in Östermalms Saluhall of Stockholm willingly. But the open sandwich there is displayed with mørrebrød(Danish).

The smörgås of Göteborg looks good, too. Smörgås Nisse HB

The Norwegian open sandwich,smørbrød seems to be called matpakke. However, in Norway, prices are expensive. Readiness is necessary so that a traveler like us eats at a Norwegian restaurant.

The open sandwich is called smørrebrød in Denmark. As for it, a fish / meat / vegetables are put on the brown bread,Rugbrød. The small restaurant of Copenhagen,Ida Davidsen is the popularity that is great since opening of 1888. The restaurant near Tivoli,Tivolihallen is famous, too.

I’m interested in open sandwiches in North European cooking most.

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2 Responses to smörgås/smørbrød/smørrebrød

  1. What a weird interest, hihi. A few details… smørrebrød kinda translates to “smear-bread”. Note the similarity between danish and english here. The Vikings were in england too 🙂 Anyways, smearbread makes sense because we smear “stuff” on the bread. Dark, brown bread made with rye. One of the favourites are raw herrings, aka sild. We catch them, kill them and put them in a glass with currypaste or sherry and tomatoes for a few months – no cooking – and then we eat them on rye bread with mayonaise. Yummy.

  2. ujiyasu says:

    Just wait, Noodleqt..
    I seem to drip my slaver on the floor 🙂
    The herring is liked in the North Japan. And the refined open sandwich is the North European cooking that it should be proud of.

    It’s delicious and very fantastically.

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