Foreign discrimination in Japan

The scholar of Jorge special report of the United Nations human rights board of directors which visited Japan to examine the issue of human rights of the emigrant in Japan had a press interview in the United Nations University of Tokyo on March 31.

“This is a preliminary advice to the last.”
He said.
“There is a lot still racism by the difference of the nationality and the discrimination awareness in Japan.”
He demanded law maintenance for the prevention of racial discrimination for Japanese Government.

1.The circumstances of a trainees from the foreign countries to Japan have cases put in the slave state sometimes.

2.Even if gringa is the victim of the domestic violence, there is the situation that they must depend on their husband for by residence qualification update.

3.The situation of the nonattendance often has the child of the foreigner in Japan

He nominated that the parents of the Filipino junior high student were illegal stays, and it was commanded to do deportation for an example.

A series of cases are caused by the woman slight and the foreign slight of the Japanese men. Be cautious to Japanese men.

The manager of the restaurant of Osaka that let Russian women without the residence qualification work as a hostess was arrested on June 3.

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2 Responses to Foreign discrimination in Japan

  1. So sad, that a country where the future was yesterday -my favourite paraphrase about oriental japanese community- still remains same protectional-nationalism as most countries at occident.

    Here, in the “proud and beloved defenders of democracy and human rights”, can found social attitudes that reflects a basis racism too. Not “supported by law” but still thinking like “nowhere live better than our house”.

    And every week the news spell about knife fight and female abuse and kill.

    As I see, not human has reasonable acceptance of circunstances. Making guilty only by visual differences instead understanding the real “leiv-motif” that generates.

    Peace & love.

  2. ujiyasu says:

    There is a person discriminating against a Japanese.
    And there is the Japanese discriminating against an overseas person.

    Unfortunately it is true.
    I am a Japanese, but, in fact, must say.
    Of course, as for it, it goes without saying that it is some people each other.

    It may be difficult for the certain Japanese strange thought to be understood by overseas people.

    The Japanese posture about a whale and the dolphin has it as well as a problem of the discrimination.

    There are many people who criticize a Japanese in the Japanese. I think that the Japanese should change.

    And the one of the splendid places where a Japanese interchanges with overseas people is SL.
    Perhaps, as for most Japanese, the difference of the language is problem.

    But we Japanese must overcome it.
    Thank you for reading my poor English 🙂

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