Corsica Walking vol.2

Roclaren,Mordus Hall and Baleful along Route11 has many Japanese shops.

Rakan Rental Mal is Japanese shopping mall,too. In fact, I did TP to here and have come for shopping. I was not interested then about a position of here.

And the south Killtower has estate which a Japanese administers. It is those almost shops.

West next region of Killtower is Riverchapel,personal private region.

The south next to Riverchapel is gaming center,Bailywick.

Frangipani Garden is in Heatherwood region. It is still under construction here.

There is an interesting small mountain in Fivepenny.

I climbed the mountain, but there is nothing.

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3 Responses to Corsica Walking vol.2

  1. baker b. says:

    Hah! I was just on the Fivepenny mountain not 5 minutes ago. Saw it from highway and had to climb. We think similarly! :-))

  2. ujiyasu says:

    Yeah! Surely!! 🙂
    Corsica is very large.
    I must go to Corsica with alot of meal.

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