About the resignation of the Japanese stupid Prime Minister of Japan

from 【あめりかノート】Sankei News (JP)

 How did the U.S. Government take the news of resignation of the Japanese PM Hatoyama? The impressions for it of the U.S. Government are various.

American Japan-U.S. security treaty expert,James J. Przystup,Institute for National Strategic Studies, NDU(National Defense University) said.

“The ultimate had only Japan-U.S. alliance collapse if I extended an assumption of office original behavior of the Prime Minister Hatoyama theoretically. However, the Prime Minister Hatoyama was flipped in firmness of the Japan-U.S. alliance and collapsed. He was particular about the oath that he cannot perform and ruined himself.”

James E Auer Vanderbilt University professor,manager Japan-U.S. study cooperation center explained it. He was in charge of a Japanese problem in the Department of Defense.

“He grabed hold of a lion’s tail. United States of America Armed Forces side was troubled about Japan-U.S. security relationship. For an American military campaign, battle activity, does Japan support it? As for the use of the US base in Japan, there was permissible Japan-U.S. common recognition till then when the Japan-U.S. relationship was the worst. But a series of remarks of the Prime Minister Hatoyama meant that a Japanese side refused the bases use.”

Because it seemed whether the Prime Minister Hatoyama trampled on common recognition of the U.S. side, the U.S. Government was intense and resisted it.

“Unfortunately Mr. Hatoyama was recognized as the terrible ignorant person who did not know Japan-U.S. alliance by American Congress.”

Daniel Twinings upper specialized researcher of Asia of The German Marshall Fund of the United States(GMF) spoke his opinion.

“The Prime Minister Hatoyama resigned for a crisis of the Japan-U.S. relationship that himself made. He misjudged the present conditions of the domestic politics of the two countries around the Japan-U.S. alliance. The citizen of the majority of the Japan-U.S. two countries expects alliance maintaining firmly. He antagonized not only U.S.A. but also a Japanese citizen. It is a good news that citizens crushed his anti-U.S.A. posture for political profit.”

The resignation of the Japanese stupid prime minister for I individual is happy.

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