The Japanese girls support Denmark

from Asahi News

Japan faces Denmark in the group E of 2,010 FIFA World Cup South Africa on 24 June 2010. And two Japanese girls support Denmark.  They are allied with Denmark Embassy living in Japan and sing “Vi er røde, vi er hvide”.

So far.the girls unit,Vanilla Beans sang the songs like the North Europe. Jens Jensen of Denmark Embassy taught it about pronunciation of their Danish. And, as for the finished music video, it was taken off by Denmark Embassy. Vi er røde, vi er hvide was composed in the case of World Cup of 1986.

The words of the children’s story of Andersen are used for the text.

the Danish ambassador to Japan, Franz-Michael Skjold Mellbin said.

“The victory of Denmark is certain in this. Why does Japanese young girls support Denmark? However, the citizen of Denmark surely comes to like Japan. It is the perfect opportunity when this deepens each other’s bonds.”


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42 Responses to The Japanese girls support Denmark

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  2. Nuje says:

    Good luck girls. I am sure you will also find more friends from Denmark.

  3. ujiyasu says:

    Thank you.
    The Denmark team is stronger originally than Japan.
    I continue writing it about North Europe.North Europe is my second hometown 🙂

  4. Nuje says:

    Obviously you are right about Japan and Denmark.

  5. ujiyasu says:

    Hehe,yeah 🙂

  6. Nuje says:

    By the way, do you came from Japan and just transferred your residence in Europe or you’re pursuing your career in the country?

  7. ujiyasu says:

    I live in Japan now.
    However, my mother came from Sweden,Skåne.

    • Nuje says:

      Oh I see. So your parents has different culture and its great for you will be learning them both. It will broaden your thinking and attitude. I am sure you will be having a great life ahead.

  8. ujiyasu says:

    Tack så mycket.
    I feel both culture if splendid.
    However, I like North European summer.
    The summer of Japanese Tokyo is hot, and it is high humidity.
    I don’t have much of an appetite these days. The heat is getting to me.

  9. Nuje says:

    Du är välkommen!
    North European summer is very conducive.

    During this summer, perhaps spending times in the pool would be a great idea. If not, just stay inside the house, read your favorite novel. Or cook your best food and watch your followed episode. Avoid to much sun if possible, you could get sun burn or even skin cancer.

  10. ujiyasu says:

    I moderate going out in summer in near Tokyo.
    Ultraviolet rays and the air pollution harm my health so that you point it out

    Most Japanese love summer.And they like group behavior. It may offend them that I do not act with them.

    However, I don’t do the thing same as them for my health :)

  11. Nuje says:

    I can sense on your behavior that you have a broaden mind and has a great plan for life. You have priorities which are different from your friends perhaps. I advice that you have to go sometimes with your friends. But you have to plan it carefully. You know, people are meant to live with each other. We need to mingle with others, of course those appropriate one. It is because we cannot live on our own. If we want to be a boss, we need people to work for us and vice – versa.

  12. ujiyasu says:

    I like both North European culture and Japanese culture. Of course there is the thing that I attract attention when I eat sushi in a sushi bar. It is because perhaps my features are different from many Japanese.

    Fortunately, because there is an US base in the neighborhood, I do not need to attract attention in my town.

    However, I sometimes feel suffocation for Japan. The Japanese old man is very stubborn. I seem to look like another creature for them 🙂

    • nuje says:

      Yeah, it could be hard on you part to adjust with the oldies. Me too, specially if it belongs to our culture.

      But I have learned something of being patience to pressures that surrounds us. Patience is a virtue. Just lengthen your patience and take good care of your self. You will learn more things too.

      With all due respect to my elders, I just think of that they are what have learned from their youth. But I we’re having our own in the future. If we think that they are wrong in one thing. Maybe that is the thing we need to correct to our self. They will passed and we will be making our own. We’ll just respect them. Though they have some shortcomings, but I still consider them that they know better than us about life.

  13. ujiyasu says:

    The patience is virtue for all of us.
    My parents needed patience in the difference of culture.

    The meal / the custom / the language in Japan must have been big surprise for my mother first.

    When they were not worthy for my mother really, she cannot have been in Japan. Hokkaido,a big island of the Japanese northernmost may have been the land which was gentle for my mother.

    Hokkaido is similar in the North Europe. I learned the history of two countries from parents. It is an irreplaceable thing for me. I respect them like that. All us increase age. We learn from seniority and teach a younger person them.

  14. nuje says:

    Are you the only daughter in your family? Or do you have any sister or brother?

    Please don’t mind me, how it is like to live the culture of Japan. As what I have learned from world literature, Japan has a very strict discipline to their youngsters. Specially the father. Always afraid of the future so they always wanted us to be always prepared. Right? By the way, have finished already your study?

  15. ujiyasu says:

    Yes,I’m an only daughter in my family.

    The current Japanese society changes greatly.
    Globalization of economy,aging and decrease of birthrate,stagnation of the Japanese economy,the dilapidation of the education…

    The frequent occurrence of such a problem may promote a change in a conventional custom and rule.

    Japanese adult is very conservative. It is remarkable in Japanese male in particular. It is demanded a change from them now.

    When I graduated from a university several years ago, there was already the omen of the social change. And the current Japanese society falls into worse environment.

  16. Nuje says:

    Oh I knew it. It’s very rare to find couples from the first world countries having more than two child. Even with two, it’s so rare. And the outcome of that will be great reduce to your population in due time. I understand also about the Japanese economy. Though you may consider it stagnant but at least you may have a stable one. And people still doing great to their way of living.

    I believe the great increasing/decreasing of population affects also the education system. It should be balanced. However, lots of foreign students benefited a lot to the Japanese student-exchange program. Specially in the field of science and engineering.

    I believe also that globalization and standardization has great impact to social change. There are so many influences and issues.

    Please don’t mind my question. Is it true that when a male Japanese married to a foreigner, their son and daughter will not become a citizen of Japan? The government can give permanent residency but you will not be converted as Japanese Citizen. I am confused.

  17. ujiyasu says:

    Japan does not ratify Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction of Hague international agreement.

    It is a cause of many problems globally. The interest for the Japanese mixed marriage is low. U.S.A. and each European country demand ratification from Japan for it.

    The right of my mother is very weak when my parents were divorced. Parental authority does not affect either, and it is difficult for me to return from Japan to Sweden.]

    Or my mother cannot return me to Sweden when I live in Sweden even if my father takes me out to Japan.

    This is a big problem.

    • Nuje says:

      Yeah. It’s kinda of a big problem for you now. But maybe you can approach to any legals. They can be of great assistance for you in giving you some remedies. Have you tried it already?

  18. ujiyasu says:

    Because Japan is a constitutional state, there is not the legal trouble for me having Japanese nationality now.

    There are the Finn and the Taiwanese member of the Diet in the Japanese assembly.

    I think that what I should overcome is my mental tangle. I am surely different from neighboring Japanese in the features. Most Japanese are tolerant, but there is rarely the person who is not so.

    My mother is resolute. It shuts up a seggie in Japan. The reason may be because she is taller than a Japanese man 🙂

  19. nuje says:

    Yeah that would be pretty obvious regarding the height of your mother comparing to your neighbor over there 🙂 So you have no problem in acquiring your Japanese nationality if that’s the case. But I do understand that you’re having an issue in adjusting yourself to a culture where you are not used to it. Have you tried mingling people around you there specially the relatives of your father? It’s a great start to overcome the issue.

  20. ujiyasu says:

    nuje,it’s surely. The core of the problem solving is it for me. I am sometimes an object of the curiosity of the Japanese man. However, I learned that I did not mind them.

    I am myself who am true. I’m not a show.
    I don’t worry.Most Japanese are moderate.

    There are the men who are an exception in Japan.
    They are called “Hentai”.

  21. Nuje says:

    well uji, thank you for that info about Hentai. It’s another term I just learned from you.

    You know, I like your attitude being your self of what you really are. And I really love spending some time of people like you. However, I would like to suggest you something as a friend. You have to pretend sometimes as motivation to adapt things gradually. It is sometimes referred to “White Lies”. But I do still believe that a great change could be started from a very tiny thing. Would you agree?

  22. ujiyasu says:

    Of course.
    “We need telling a white lie depending on the situation.”

    I have two world in my heart at the same time. It lets my inside fill up. It is necessary to think about things to the good direction.

    “When in Roma, do as the Romans do. ”
    The experience of old people is useful.

  23. Nuje says:

    Ya, it really is and is always effective. Because it refers to everybody’s etiquette. Maybe it will just need some time to get along. So there’s no problem with that anyway. By the way, how long have been there already with your mother?

  24. ujiyasu says:

    I lived in Hakodate till I graduated from a senior high school. I entered the university of Tokyo afterwards.

    My mother still lives in Hakodate. In other words I lived with my mother for 18 years. And I sometimes return to Hakodate.

    In fact, I want to be in Hakodate in hot summer 🙂

  25. Nuje says:

    Oh I see. If you don’t mind may I know what degree are you pursuing? I am just interested because some of my friends been there in Japan for their doctorate related to engineering and physics.

    About me, I have finished already a bachelor degree related to computer science.

    I bet Hakodate is a great place specially during summer.

  26. ujiyasu says:

    I’m humanities bachelor who majored in public political science.

    There is a star fort called Goryokaku in Hakodate. It resembles a fortress near the statue of The Little Mermaid of Copenhagen.

    It’s put in Shanghai in fact until October…

  27. Nuje says:

    Hi Uji,

    Sorry, it’s been a while I haven’t visit here. Yes the Little Mermaid is now in Shanghai in a Pavilion. It’s a very interesting highlights today in China. Of course with love from Copenhagen. I hope you have update about it.

  28. ujiyasu says:

    Hahaha,it is the best to appreciate the Little Mermaid at a usual place of Copenhagen.

    And because Shanghai is not Japan, I don’t go to there. I rather like the state that she is enshrined in the ordinary place of Denmark.

    I watch the sea of her background at the same time to watch her. And I watch Danes around her. And I watch Denmark of her backbone. It is not provided in Shanghai 🙂

    And I watch her in Copenhagen and can go to Malmö.

  29. ujiyasu says:


    Ahh,Nuje,Kender du en høj kvalitet site om Smørrebrød?

    Jeg elsker Smørrebrød 🙂

  30. ujiyasu says:

    Hej, Nuje. Og tak for at indføre nogle nyttige links til mig 🙂

    Smørrebrød er rationel, lækkert, og det er skandinavisk smuk madlavning. Den skønhed ligner japansk te-ceremoni retter i en bestemt del.

    Jeg ser på de smukke fotos med Henrykkelse. Åh, mener jeg dog heller ikke have en betydning, hvis jeg ikke rigtig spise dem.

    Jeg nyder nogle steder, som du introduceret. Tak 🙂

  31. Nuje says:

    Ja selvfølgelig. Når det kommer til mad, kunne du ikke lige sætte pris på mindst én uden at skulle prøve det.

    Tak det samme og du er altid velkommen.

  32. ujiyasu says:

    Der er Danmark bageri kaldes Jensen i Tokyo. Lagerholderen af bageri var en japansk, men han uddannet sig til et langsigtet i København. Navnet på butikken kommer fra navnet på den lærer af sine dansker.

    Brød af denne bageri er brugt godt i tilfælde af en fest i Danmark ambassade i Tokyo.

    Hvis Tokyo bliver køligere, jeg køber brød Danmark i Jensen. Anyway nuværende Tokyo er varmt og fugtigt rasende. Den overdrevne luftfugtighed tager en appetit fra mig 🙂

  33. ujiyasu says:

    Nuje,tak for en video af vinteren.
    Jeg blev slået ned i varmt og fugtigt japanske sommer.

    Jeg skive franskbrød og ønsker at sprede med en topping. Selvfølgelig er der en masse vidunderlige brød i Danmark.

    Jeg agter at lære det om brød i Danmark langsomt. 🙂

    • Nuje says:

      Pas på hedeslag om sommeren eller endda brændt på huden.

      I løbet af sommeren, jeg elsker at spise brød uden pålæg, men parret med is. Hvis du kan lide at spise is også prøve parring det med usødede brød. Noget som forskellige, men jeg nyder at spise på den måde.

  34. ujiyasu says:

    Jeg er enig.
    Jeg ønsker ikke at spise mad tilsat smag tyk nu. Brød og salat er bekvemt for mig. Jeg mister vitaminer og salt af sved.

    Salaten er meget effektiv for dem, der leverer. Franskbrød og grøntsager er bedst egnet til mig.

    Min hud er lys rød som havende fik drukket.
    Min krop vil afkøle mig desperat.

  35. Noodleqt says:

    Didn’t see this till now. It is hilarious… and I can actually understand what they are singing. Amazing, hihi.

  36. ujiyasu says:

    De syntes at træne dansk intensivt 🙂

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