Rotten old Japanese

 I soak in a bath and recollect today’s RL Japanese event. The bathing is good for health. The water pressure and the high temperature of the bath promote the blood circulation of the bather and drain an internal waste material forth. The activation of the metabolism regenerates each people on the basis of cells. I thought about reproduction of the Japanese politics then. Perhaps it is too late.

Like the Japanese Hatoyama ex-Prime Minister who resigned, a talented person is missing in Japan. The candidate influential prime minister of the next term cannot expect it for me. The Japanese narrow-mindedness is an act of the Japanese men. They of the stiffening is over.

The Japanese men will curse me if impertinent. However, the world is excited. In Gaza Palestinian as for it,in Afghanistan,about the crude oil outflow of the Gulf of Mexico,about a Greek financial crisis etc. Japanese old men are powerless and ignorance about them.


It is necessary that Japan declines. The old people neglected a future Japanese design. They are particular about vested interest now. Perhaps they bring it into one’s graveyard.

It is that purpose that we young Japanese do not respect an old Japanese.

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