Japanese PM Yukio Hatoyama to resign

from CNN.com

The overwhelmingly unpopular Hatoyama prime minister resigned to a Japanese citizen. He had the suspicion of the tax evasion from the assumption of office direct back. The members of the Diet of the opposition party called him “tax evasion king“.

He told President Obama many lies and jeopardized Japan-U.S. alliance. He was dragged in the alliance Social Democratic Party and ran to the socialism route. However, as for the Japanese citizen, only 5% support the Social Democratic Party.

He did not accomplish nothing result in the domestic administration either. He demanded the resignation from Chief Secretary Ozawa together. The Chief Secretary Ozawa was a wirepuller of the governments. His despotic government administration was disliked by a citizen.

“Breakage person”,it is a nickname given him. The resignation of Ozawa is good fortune for a Japanese citizen. He planned an approach to Communist China against U.S.A. Because he used the Emperor, he took intense criticism from citizens. The Emperor must not be used for politics.

However, I don’t know whether the influence of Ozawa completely disappears. He is a formidable politician of an old thought.

Prime Minister successor of Hatoyama is not yet selected. There is little possibility that a young promising member of the Diet is chosen as. Because current Japan is a kingdom of the old men. The considerable youth does not feel charm in the present Japanese society.

We youth think that zombies control Japanese society.

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