Corsica Walking : Claremorris

Route11 carries through the center of Claremorris in the east and west. I walked Route11 and was from the west in the region. There is a small shop called Topaz Paradise in the right side immediately.

Route11 is an uphill slope toward the east. And both sides of the way are cliffs.

I walked to the center of region. Then there is a hole in the cliff of the right side. There is the board of REO-G SKIN and Flower Shop Usako above the hole. I understand it with a Japanese shop. There are many Japanese in this area somehow or other.

It is good landscaping of the rocky place here.

The flowers of the hydrangea bloom. Ahh.the flower of the hydrangea blooms this month in Japan in RL.

There was a shinto shrine by Japanese famous creator,Giorno Brando.

There was footbathing on the cliff which faced the sea.

I did not think that I came across such a splendid scene in Corsica. It’s my good misunderstanding.

I remind of Japanese rock Beach here. The right hand has purification basin of the Shinto shrine.

Here is the entrance of the main shop.

Oh,the male skins are sold in the shop.

It is the cliff that the south side of the shop faced the sea.

I went down in the foot of the cliff. A wave is nailed over the rock. The fishing of 7Seas is possible here, too.

Ban Line was set on the small land of the northeast edge of region. The Japanese does not set up much Ban Line.

The owner of Skin Shop owns the most of this region. Therefore, the scene of this region is good generally.

I refer to this rocky place for the scene of my homestead.

The owner secures the west of region. As for me, the exploration of the Corsica continent became pleasant 🙂

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