A nuisance of the morning

from DN.SE

Täby Villa filled with Japanese harmony

“It does look like a Japanese person had done it!”
Better scores than would the family Olofzon hardly have. They have merged the old Swedish wooden house with ancient Japanese traditions.

Seen from the entrance seems to imply that the house in Täby, just a carefully renovated wooden house. But you go around the corner reveals a completely different world. The old Swedish wooden house catalog has been a modern extension of concrete with large windows overlooking the Japanese garden. A Buddhist home in the middle of the Swedish residential buildings.

Bo and his Japanese wife, Minako, bought the old derelict house 2005. Next, the renovation in time.

Man kan säga att det började med ett stopp – i avloppet. (You(husband?) could say it started with one end – down the drain.) That’s when Bo Olofzon “only” would repair a leak in the basement floor. But “just” became much more. In the end, he had bilateral up the whole floor and now the house is all related to swapped. Since the continued rehabilitation of the children cheerfully colored bedroom and play room, old kitchen was one room with home theater, a new bathroom – with more and more. Almost everything done by Bo himself. He believes that he has spent a total of at least half a year of full-time on all construction.

“It’s fun and it will be exactly the way I want it.”
Bo says.
Here the family’s clashes Swedish and Japanese culture.
While I translate it, somebody knocks at the door of the neighboring house intensely. I watched that a tactless Japanese man stood in the entrance of the neighboring house.  I got tired of a Japanese man, but I disliked them more and more.
The ugly small man has begun to kick the door. Because nobody reacts from the house…  I don’t know what kind of purpose he came in the neighboring house. As for me, eyes fitted him over a window.
Then he seems to be a potato; grimaced, and have begun to shout at me what was. I felt fear and closed a window. The Japanese man is cowardly for an overseas person. However, they brag to  Japanese woman. They may be lowest classes among world men.
At first the face which seems to be a potato with their skin…
Oops, it is rude.


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