Lövbiff yakiniku

from DN.SE : Lövbiff yakiniku

Minute steak Yakiniku

Om man får tag på krispiga färska böngroddar blir det allra godast, men de på burk går också bra. Lägg burkgroddarna i iskallt vatten så krispar de till sig.

How is this style translated?

Om(About)man får(may) tag(get?) på(on) krispiga färska böngroddar(crunchy fresh bean sprouts) blir(become) det(it) allra(very) godast(tastes the best),but the canned is also possible. Add can bean sprouts in ice-cold water so they crisp to it.

Ingredients Servings: 4
Time: 25 minutes

2 cup jasmine rice
6 Minute steak
½ cup Japanese soy
3 tablespoons grated ginger
2 garlic cloves
2 tablespoons sesame oil
2 tablespoons brown sugar
5 salad onions
1 can bean sprouts
1 pinch salt

1.Boil the rice.

2.Shred the minute steak.

3.Mix soy sauce, ginger, grated garlic, sesame oil and brown sugar. Marinate meat for 10 minutes.

4.Chop the scallions. Drain the sprouts.

5.Fry meat quickly in hot pan, add scallions and bean sprouts at the end. Add salt and pepper. Serve with rice and cucumber salad.

Asian cucumber salad:

1.Peel, core and slice the cucumber.:

2.Chop the chilli and coriander, mix with the cucumber and pour over the lime juice.

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