Corsica Walking : Bracket

 I came to the starting point in  Corsica : Driving vol.1 again. And I found the flag of the pirate ship in the east.

=Water Block Market=

R488 plants,RCLP* Lowprim skybox, Aegean type hut, house. Pirate bar MISSING-TAIL, Pirate  goods. garden ornament,  Aquarium, lighting, garden lantern, wall light,house ornament, and We have a variety of kinds of vending machines.

Oh! There is sale machine of L$ displayed in Japanese. An owner of here is a Japanese.

Because I do not seem to be a Japanese, nobody approaches. Who cares, huh…

According to the Japanese habit, these near by many Japanese should live. Because their behavior pattern is uniform.

This sailing boat is Blackspot Crow.

After all an owner of the land of the East is a Japanese, too.

The dance club of the south side of the waterway is administered by a Japanese, too.

Next, Japanese live the north of Water Block Market. They seem to refuse conversation in the English by showing the signboard of the kanji.

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