Corsica : The boat navigation vol.3

(A) My Defender depart from Sheerstone Lighthouse Marina and go to the north.

(B) I passed the side of the big whirlpools.

(C) I must keep off the outskirts of that house which projected on the sea. In there, BAN LINE is set up in depth.

(D) I went to the west at a voyage of before from here. I just go straight on and go to the north now.

(E) A mountainous district has begun to be seen in the north again.

I don’t deviate from the range of the protect land. Because the sea area of the private is filled up with BAN LINEs.

However, I look at ground from the offing, and this area thinks that it is a splendid residence area.

(G) I found the hangar of the seaplane.,Runway 6- Airplanes, Helicopters and Watercraft. In a dangerous thing, BAN LINE is set in the west neighboring heliport. I feel an intentional thing in this. I must finally make a safe chart.

(H) I saw a Japanese village,Yano ‘s Factory & villa japan. There is opened, and Rezing is possible.

A traveler is thankful for such a place.

Because there is danger with the re-log, the contact to BAN LINE is nervous in a vehicle in SL in particular. I drink coffee at such a place in RL.

The freebie of the cuttlefish was put at pier. Do I put it on an avatar or a head? Oh,No

I began my voyage again.

A cuttlefish flies in the sky…

Oh,the wooden pontoon bridge which lies on the sea.


(I) I approached the very small channel.

A day went down.


I turned on the searchlight of my Defender.

The waterway was dead-end, and it was still set up BAN LINE, and my Defender sunk there after all.One round of the north island is impossible.

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