Corsica : Driving vol.1

(A) I came for Paneer to drive on Route11. The way is buried in water from here to the south.

I decided to leave from here for the north. The texture of the way is the same as it of Heterocera.

However, Rez Zone is not found.

I found the personal land which was Rezing possibility and took out a camion.

My M35 ran in from the barren land to Route11.

Oh? Is Route11 narrow?

I continue going up the gentle slope.

(B) I seem to run by a mountain path of Tibet…

I begin to withdraw slowly before long. Because the way is slanted aside, the sportscars that a steering is sensitive may be hard to run. The camion is most suitable for such a way 🙂

Narrow width…

 A short cut improves to the east.

(C) Japanese village.

(D) A wooden pontoon bridge.

A bascule bridge to pass a boat.

When I finished crossing the pontoon bridge and was going to take a break by the roadside, I came in contact with BAN LINE.

Fortunately, I was able to take out M35 in neighboring land.

I begin to run again.

(E) There is the Farmers Market  by LDPW

It is scenery harking back to Hokkaido here.

(F) The short cut joins here.

Here is the best residential area in mainland now.

(G) I found a Rez Zone.

The mountains of Corsica resemble it of Sansara. It is the scenery that all the level ground and shore of mainland resembled, but each characteristic appears in the mountainous area.


I continued running for backroad slowly.

Route11 is a good drive route.

Route11 is buried in water again here.

The public road of Corsica is next to Heterocera, and it may be good quality. It lets me feel the comfort of the drive that is not monotonous.

The drive on the road where corners continued is pleasant. The public road of Mãebaleia with many straight lines was boring.

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