Before an exhibition of “Sex and the City 2” in Japan


from Sankei News

The screen version of the popularity drama that love and the work of four women were described on the stage of New York,SATC(SEX AND THE CITY 2) is shown in Japan on June 5. Four performers visited Japan before the exhibition.

They held an interview in Roppongi Hills of Minato-ku, Tokyo on 31st and showed off the good point of the relation just like the movie in a peaceful atmosphere from beginning to end.

Sarah Jessica Parker,Kim Cattrall,Kristin Davis,Cynthia Nixon gathered for the first time in Japan. Parker visited Japan after an interval of 3 years.

“I seem to spend the double life. I’m mistaken for Carrie in the private life and am sometimes gloomy. However, I have a bigger feeling of thanks to all.”
Sarah said.

Kim said hello in Japanese. She mentioned a scene to sing a karaoke in with 4women.
“I want to organize girls band. I hope such Sheen to be taken in at the next opportunity.”
She requested of Michael.

Cynthia said.
“Because there was not an opportunity to usually hear singalong voices, I was interesting. Kristin seemed to be a person of the southern part. ”

“Patricia Field in charge of clothes in this series is a Japanese fan. A Japanese fashion gives the series big influence. The Japanese fashion magazine which she buys at every visit to Japan serves as a reference among the casts.”
Sarah said.

This stage was Abu Dhabi of the United Arab Emirates.

“If how to describe sexism in the Middle East is sweet, it is criticized severely in U.S.A. How do you think about it?”

Nixon argued against the question of the reporter.
“This series does the social satire, but it is not a political program.  Woman likes gorgeous life and fashion. The certain person considers it to be a great problem.”

Michael Patrick King said.
“We can choose the life by oneself. Please know it to see this movie by all means.”

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