Corsica : The flight by OS2U vol.5

Because Sheerstone Lighthouse was under construction, I was surprised. It’s rebuilding it like a castle.

This looks forward to completion. I found the promenade of the mountain of the rear.

Kwaito Rez Zone

“Protected Land, Not For Sale. Tip o’ the hat to Yevad Doobie for the hint about this zone.”

I was surprised the name of Yevad to be written in the caption of the land which the LOPW owned.

The promenade extends to the south from the north side of the mountain in the east circumference.

The indication of the land of the terminal of the south side of the mountain was Route 11.


According to the road map of LDPW, it seems to be a part of RouteY.

I returned to marina and, besides, decided to fly around a mountain from the empty airport.

And I just went to the west.

The mountain range becomes low toward the west.

I went from the southwestern side to the north.

The board of a huge default appeared before me.

I landed on the water once in the west of the big peninsula. I decided flight path of the future while watching a map here.

I went to the east in the isthmus department of the peninsula.

And I fell out on the sea of the east of the peninsula.

The low-altitude flight on the sea was pleasant, but I forgot that the house which stuck out of this sea used BAN LINE. I was not able to completely go around the peninsula.

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