With zowee,the CDR of SLCG

I came for Sheerstone Lighthouse Marina.


 I was going to rez of my seaplane here. But a yacht entered this marina. The owner of the yacht was an owner of here. I disturbed his return to his port.

  zowee,he is commander of SLCG. He guide for me a mountain of the rear of marina by his helicopter. So,the members of SLCG are very kind.

 He explained the art school to me.

 the school in Singapore,NIE(National Institute of Education) created lot in SL.

 It was surprising for us.

 The helicopter continues rising and approaches the mountaintop.

 He explained to me that this building was built by LDPW. Linden should make such a building more.

 Explorers increase, and mainland may be activated thereby.

 It is 195m, considerably high altitude.

 He sends me to Kinrara by the air plane of SLCG.

 Tig made this airplane. She is a surprising great creator.

 Look at this cockpit!

 I boarded an airplane of SLCG for the first time.

 This cool airplane.

We talked in Kinrara for a while. However, perhaps he must sleep. Good night,zowee 🙂

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