The sea of Corsica vol.1

The north sea inside of Sheerstone Lighthouse Marina is very beautiful. I swim in the water toward the north.

A ray and a shark swim under the pier of the Marina. In addition, it is interesting to observe what sinks into here.

I have begun to swim from the East of the pier to the north.

A huge cuttlefish!!

What is that?

I was in that pipe.

The inside seems to be a waterfall.

An octopus comes to this place and watches me.

LDPW does good work.

This is the flying boat which set.

Masjid Al Masa – Catupiry Mosque

A mosque is built here. I don’t know the inside. I’m not a Muslim.

I go to the north by my boat from here.

I enter the waterway just before a black castle.

Oh! A public road spreads toward the northeast.

 The waterway is dead-end before long.

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