svenska 5 : The position of the verb in the sentence

Jag  läser engelska och svenska i Yokohama. (I learn English and Swedish in Yokohama.)

Swedish is structure of the sentences same as English basically(S+V+O).


Engelska och svenska läser jag i Yokohama.

I Yokohama läser jag engelska och svenska.

How are the upper proses translated? Aren’t you confused?

Pay attention to the position of the verb of the sentence. As for both sentences, a verb is located in 2 sentences knot. And these sentences are about the same meanings(there is difference in some nuances).

In Swedish, the verb must be located in the second clause in a sentence. Therefore, the subject position may not be a beginning. We are confused by this.

But this in the case of an assertive sentence. There is a different rule in the case of an imperative sentence and the interrogative sentence again.





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