Kina kan ompröva Koreapolitik

from DN.SE

China may reconsider Korean Politics


South Korean navy conducted exercises against submarines on Thursday after having raised the level of military preparedness. At the same time came reports that China may be about to rethink its close ties with North Korea.


Comments to the article

How China is socialist? Kina är mer råkapitalistiskt än USA. China is more capitalist than U.S. crude. They had been socialist and had perhaps saved the inhabitants drink “arsenic poisoned water”. Unfortunately, when you think?


 The Chinese ought to rethink a lot more.  A regime that forces hundreds of millions of its inhabitants to drink arsenic contaminated water and which does nothing to improve working conditions for miners should resign immediately, but this one can not do in a country where there is “socialism.”


We eagerly await the Swedish literally left comments! There,you started to vomit out a bit usa-hatred and glorify communism, tell me about North Korea as the ideal after all, is really friendly. See that!


Freddo, actually. North Korea has long acted like a bull’s children.  A behave as a child are not uncommon among countries, but North Korea is a bit worse than normal.


China has probably much to gain by North Korea as South Korea is the big trade with China.


Have you heard of Naftna? Serbia’s largest oil producer, which recently bought Gazprom? U.S. bombing in which there is oil.


This is a combination of domestic politics and foreign policy approach to North Korea, internal, so can a hard stance against South Korea to help the current leadership to hold remains in power and foreign policy, it has the advantage that it scares the shit out of South Korea, for whatever self-proclaimed online pundits say so would be the resumption of fighting in the Korean War extremely negative for Korea, and then in the form of one million dead and not just financially …


 It speaks all the time that Sweden has been with me own experts …. What are the experts anyway?
Personally I believe you write with the order for Sweden to provide credibility to the investigation.

それは私とあったすべてのスウェーデンの専門家が抱いていることを話します…。 専門家は、いずれにしろ何ですか? 個人的には、私はあなたがスウェーデンが信憑性を調査に与える命令で書くと思っています。

Really smart of NK to mess with its neighbor to the south.  SK’re by far the countries that send the most aid to developing country NK. Closes NK border so it will mostly affect them. You start to wonder if the country is governed by five-year olds.


 A little bad luck for the North Koreans that North Korea is a Stalinist dictatorship


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