H8 BR78 Steam Engine

A new locomotive, BR78 Steam Engine is released by H8 Motors Company. Perhaps this locomotive in RL is made in Germany(Prussia). Mick Huet makes a considerably rare locomotive. BR78 is superheater tank locomotive.

This has few burdens of the coal in comparison with the steam locomotive pulling coal-car. However, BR78 seems to have pulled express train somehow or other. It may have been express train of the short distance.


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2 Responses to H8 BR78 Steam Engine

  1. Dusky Jewell says:

    Our H8 BR78 Steam Engine is a Prussian T18 replica built by H8 Motors designer, Aislin Ballinger, with original textures by Dusky Jewell.

    This train is part of the new 2010 Series 4 trains by the H8 Motors Company in Second Life.

    Drop by the H8 Motors Train Store and see this steam engine, and the brand new H8 Swiss Crocodile electric locomotive.

    Dusky Jewell and Mick Huet,
    H8 Motors Owners

  2. ujiyasu says:

    Dusky,thank you for careful explanation.
    Because sites of German were often found, I was troubled about BR78.
    I don’t understand German at all.

    I intend to look about Swiss Crocodile electric locomotive.

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