Mãebaleia Driving 7


Route8A lengthening from the M ebaleia continent southern part to the north breaks off on the way and leaves for the north from Aragonese again and lengthens.


I drive Route8A extending to the northern coast neighborhood of the continent.

Oh! There was a large parking lot.

Ceilostomo Center is a shopping mall.


That is always existing plant shop. This brings back memories…



!     Aja – Asian Buddhas, Decor, Plants and more


There is Route 8A Furki Rest Area at the crossing with Route8B.


A scale is big here for the rest area of the crossing.

There are some existing shops, but this continent thinks that I decline. Few watersides, the land which are poor on ups and downs, little public accommodation…

I found the cars which was abandoned here.

There was a big airport near a terminal. I will fly it from the airport to Acknefar 🙂

I finished my drive at a crossing with Route8 that lay across the northern part of the continent in the east and west.


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