SLCG : Station Muirhead

The SL Coast Guard is organized into Districts. The District has some stations, commanded by the Station Commander, CAPT or CDR.

DISTRICT 1 responsible for Sansara continent,and has 2stations. There is SL Coast Guard Station Muirhead in the northeast of the continent. They belong to the group called East River Community in the area. This area is scenic waterfront  in Sansara.

The group contributes to the scene maintenance of this area.

One CH-46 parks on the roof of the office.

FRC Djduerer Zou. I don’t know whether this was made in reference to the cutter of which type.

It seems to be size of the 27m patrol boat. And the shape resembles Sentinel class cutter.

Oh! Defender.🙂

There was BA609 in a hangar.

Next ,East River Municipal Airport (SLCG Air Station Muirhead) the south of Coast Guard Station.

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