F-14 (May 25, 2010)

I came over in the Acknefar airport of the Nautilus continent northeast part. Cat’Corsair and my sis Viggen are stopped in the parking area. I usually fly to the USS area. And Cat flies to the Satori area.


 As for me, the flight by jet airplane is after a long absence. Because the state of the border of mainland was not desirable, I didn’t fly it.

ジェットでメインランド上空を飛ぶの久しぶりですねw どうもメインランドの状態が思わしくないので飛んでませんでしたが、今日はどうかな?

 I take off from Acknefar and raise altitude immediately. The border of south next SIM is dangerous.


I lose altitude in Spyglass. Because I like this island, I want to look near 🙂


 When there is not a yacht around a lighthouse of Crows Nest, I lose altitude and pass it.

Crows Nestの灯台も周囲にヨットがいないと高度を落としてパスします。

 The water bridge of Mare Nostrum. I cannot pass through the bottom of the bridge.

Mare Nostrumの水道橋?さすがに橋の下は潜れません><

 The sky of Sailors Cove.

Sailors Cove上空。

 The state in mainland is good today. Oh? USS is good…


 I turn back to Acknefar.



 I go around an island of Spyglass.


 I came in Meddledown of the Nautilus mainland east bank and almost fell. This SIM is raggy very much.

ノーチラス東岸本土のMeddledownに入り込んじゃって危うく落ちかけました。ここめっちゃ重いww 飛行機なんか飛んでていきなりストップします。

 I fly over a cloud to Acknefar.


I came in Acknefar safely.


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