Corsica : The boat navigation vol.2


(A)  When we navigate it from Kinrara to the eastern part of the continent, the area of A extremely has difficulty with the passage. Much BAN LINE is set in the area, and it is pain for a voyage. Therefore, I don’t recommend the passage this area by a boat.

(A) 大陸南西のKinraraからボートで東へ向かってもAの地域は全く通過できないこともありませんが、きわめてBAN LINEが多く、航路も曲がりくねって狭くてお勧めできませんw。大きな船は通行不可能です。

(B) Because there is the place that is Rezing possibility in the shore of the East of Maitake, I take out Defender there.

(B) Maitakeの東側の海岸にRez可能な場所があるのでそこでDefenderを出します。

It is comfortable cruising to the east from there.


(C) Coviello is Protected Land, and Rezing is possible in the whole area. Because I found the place like the park on a hill, I drop in.

(C) CovielloはSIMごとProtected LandでどこでもRezできます。丁度丘の上に公園のような場所があるので立ち寄ってみます。


There is a fishing pond there.


(D) Sheerstone Lighthouse Marina is an institution of the SL coast guard. I finish my voyage this time here. Here is Rez Zone. It is most suitable for the foothold of the exploration.

(D) Sheerstone Lighthouse MarinaはSLコーストガードの施設です。今回はここまで。Rez Zoneがあるのでボートの拠点や水上機の拠点にもいいです。

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