To escape from the neighborhood in China?

from 環球時報(Global Times)

Armed law enforcement forces to create the sea can never be Japanese occupation of the Diaoyu Islands

Caipeng Hong

China ocean surveillance ship in the East China Sea continental shelf, 51 expelled the Japanese Coast Guard launch “Zhao-yang,” is the ship following the 2008 Rights of the Diaoyu Islands have been another major cruise activism. Followed is a series of Sino-Japanese friction in the East China Sea.

In fact, the Japanese “Akihiro” was tracking ship into the East China Sea continental shelf seabed resources survey, the implementation of its maritime strategy in Japan an important step. According to Japanese media last month revealed that the Government of Japan has developed an integrated maritime policy headquarters “to ensure the strategic energy resources of the seabed,” Plan of the East China Sea in the so-called “Japan-China median line” to the Ryukyu Islands sea area survey “submarine hydrothermal deposits”, including gold, copper , zinc, and other rare metals and other resources. In 2015 the Northeast on the Diaoyu Islands have about 34 million square kilometers of sea waters for exploration. Japanese government to get seabed resources identified as “20 years after the maritime countries targeted growth strategy,” one of the elements.

To this end, the Japanese performance in this round of friction was very high profile. Can be seen that Japan resolve the East China Sea issue a new means of changes, more emphasis on positive, practical and comprehensive means of real interest to seize the high ground of the sea. Hatoyama, Japan has actually negated the government in the Diaoyu islands in China’s sovereign rights, but also a direct challenge to China’s marine rights and interests in the East China Sea, the East China Sea seabed resources of the basic rights of the Chinese people can not tolerate.

Since the Diaoyu Islands, Japan should or even most of the East China Sea region for ourselves, and have developed a specific timetable for the implementation of the strategy, then it is necessary to accelerate the implementation of China’s “national development plan for the marine business,” this need to improve maritime law enforcement effectiveness.

At present, China’s top priority is to seize the era of global economic recovery after the crisis, the opportunity to the scientific development concept as a guide, to strengthen maritime law enforcement, for example, ocean surveillance ship cruising to perform law enforcement functions regularly Rights, it should be “regular” purposes, it now appears, some human rights activists sea cruise is not really a regular basis, from scientific management and asked to see the law enforcement agencies should be published annually on a regular basis the time and sea cruise.

China should also speed up the reform of maritime law enforcement system, in the maintenance of traditional management methods, while useful, to meet the conditions of globalization activists and international marine maritime cooperation, we can consider the implementation of centralized system of maritime law enforcement, that number of reform marine departments of their respective maritime law enforcement-oriented management approach, a unified maritime law enforcement teams, that the establishment of maritime security forces, although it is not navy, it is able to perform multi-mission capability of the maritime law enforcement armed forces, to avoid maritime surveillance, fisheries administration , maritime, border, customs five teams in their own ways to repeat the jurisdiction of such problems.

Recently, the U.S. Naval Academy Professor Geersitan their written a book about China’s maritime law enforcement teams of book five, said China and Japan, India and other countries, the Chinese of the five “dragons” at sea increasingly weak not conducive to promoting China’s international cooperation in non-traditional security fields. So we need to alert

Global Times is bulletin of the Chinese Communist Party. The newspaper is buried by an article to abuse Japan every day exhaustively. This article speaks a Chinese one-sided opinion, too. I extract it than enormous numerical comment for the upper article.

China, corrupt officials and the wealthy are moved overseas, foreign economic and military development funding, as they are now not far subjugation of China, China will perish or large Japanese Imperial Army.

Japan bully China for centuries, especially in recent years, complete the bear afraid of China.

Japan is extremely furious! ! I want to seize the Diaoyu Islands! ! ! We must back our whole Ryukyu Islands! ! ! ! Japan summing! ! ! !

Diaoyu Islands to give the Japanese

While several million tons of ships built armed law enforcement,

Urgently address the issue belong to the executive branch, unified command, to strengthen law enforcement in China’s coastal defense forces, oil, oil!

This does not play small Japanese Sorry ancestors and future generations!

Possible conflict, I do not play the first shot, but must let the small Japanese fed cuckold. Otherwise, I’m sorry late on more than 30 million Japanese soldiers and civilians.

Playing small in Japan, I am willing to donate 5 years salary!

Recovery of the Ryukyu Islands, to recover the Diaoyu Islands! East China Sea issue does not need negotiations, China is resolutely aside! Can not be humiliating!

Hit the little Japanese! Firmly boycott of Japanese goods!

The increased globalization of modern society, as the animation culture sub culture, cosplay has become popular young animation fans worldwide pop culture favorite style. New generation, the phenomenon has been playing cosplay common, and today we give Xiaobian popular culture under the Japanese cosplay.

However, they show abnormal interest to a Japanese young woman for some reason. To be frank, I feel sick.


If Japan moves to the offing of Canada…

If Japan moves to the Norwegian offing…

It is not surely realistic. However, it is my desire.

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