Mãebaleia : Twohead’s Nautical Shop & Shipyard

Twohead’s  Nautical Shop & Shipyard


The boat of this side is Harbour Tug. The boat of the rear is Hobby Tug. Both are 30prims together.

There is the boat which is smaller than these, but these are basic models.

Party Yug seems to have extended the rear of Hobby Tug.

Tug1 is larger.

Lonely Rider

 This is small, but a lot of functions are expensive.

Harbour Pilot

Blue Star

This has three cabins under the bridge.

Morning Star

 A small boat is equipped with to the side in the rear.

There are three cabins although being smaller than Blue Star.

Ferryboat Archeron

 The precise dock is worth seeing.

Therefore the owner,Twohead worked.

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