Mãebaleia : Walking vol.3

Halls of Reflectio


 Why is the ground of here black?

 Most people are not interested in texture of the ground in mainland. What does the black ground mean?

Heart Island


 The division of the cafe which a Japanese administers is excellent in this area.

 The texture of the low land of the Satori continent seems to be red clay. According to a Japanese, the clay which cropped out is heterogeneous. Of course there may be such a place in the world, too.

 Most Japanese like texture of a green grassy plain. The Japanese living in the city builds a building without a characteristic and may do business.

 In the dry Satori continent South-West, it is precious green land here.

 The person using many of limited prims for the trees and plants has a tendency same as me.

Of course there is the person who does not need the trees and plants in great numbers.

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