Corsica : The flight by OS2U vol.4

 I fly the sky of the east neighboring island of the island that I visited last time. There is the island in the north of Kinrara.

 I made a preliminary inspection of the island beforehand. After all much BAN LINEs are set in the island. It makes a low-altitude flight difficulty.

 The existence of enormous BAN LINEs may say that there is nothing to deserve if I explore it.

 I flew in the at a high altitude and approached the island at a stretch.

 I saw the South-West of the island. Most of four SIMs are Closed to the Public. Those SIMs which Domus-Rentals & Real Estate manages has nothing.

 I approached from the south the mountain of the central part of the island. There has nothing.

 I maintain an altitude of 150m to evade BAN LINE.

However, I met with a disaster not to be able to go around an island. There is the place where the delay of the border of SIM is big. LL doesn’t do restart recently.

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