A change of the continent name : To Mãebaleia

I wrote the continent name of the upper photograph as Satori so far. However, the name doesn’t seem to be popular. It is words to mean Japanese “realization”. However, there is not the person using the name other than few Japanese.

However, many people use “Mãebaleia“. The character of Portuguese with diacritics are used:ã in the word of the continent name. Nobody may know the notation of Satori except Japanese. I change the notation of the continent in my blog from Satori to Mãebaleia.

The notation which a Japanese uses in this way has some words that are not recognized in the world. Because they demand only communication with the Japanese fellow, most Japanese are not inconvenient. However, I do not have the intention to communicate with only a Japanese. I communicate with the world.

Therefore, I match the name of the continent with SL standards.

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