Corsica : The flight by OS2U vol.3


I aimed at the island of the northwest corner of the Corsica continent from Kinrara the day before yesterday. I passed the sky of some small islands on the way. As for them, most are private land.

Even landing on the water is dangerous in such SIM. Much BAN LINE and security refuse a vehicle.

The state of mainland was unstable on that day. A certain SIM disappeared. I canceled the exploration then.

PALACIO del EMPERADOR. This SIM is a city made precisely.

South Liome House 4: Giant Castle Residence. Can I enter the building?

Oh! Enough…

Here seems to be some apartments and a hotel, too.

Perhaps this is a hotel.

It’s wonderful row of houses along a city street.

North next SIM is a more modern city.

A thing with many papier-mache buildings are anxious. The hollow building has much inside necessarily.

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