SLRR:Heterocera Main line(May 21, 2010)

I ran my train from Tuliptree Station to Bhaga Station in Heterocera Main line after a long absence. For past several days, movement between SIM of mainland was out of condition.

Oh? A lot of construction vehicles is employed on a certain land.

Something seems to be going to be made in the land named PROTECTED RAILROAD.

I was going to look at the terminal under construction in Lapara, but canceled it because the locomotive which faced came.

The Bluffs Center for the Arts is my favorite place.

VRC Pini Yard – StrykerJ Transport. A track is connected with SLRR here. How is this admitted?

I arrive at Bhaga Station and return to Lapara.

The high-rise building disappeared. It is good for neighboring environment.

There is Moai Shinto shrine which Japanese Fenice owns in the neighbor of building ruins. She owns the airport on the mountaintop of the north side of here.

There is the terminal that Israel owns in the south side of the track. The dome of the terminal seems to be a work of art.

It is under construction here. May not such an institution be connected to SLRR?  A track is connected to SLRR in Pini Yard.

There was an affiliate shop of Thalia ‘s Fashion Collection next to a terminal.

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2 Responses to SLRR:Heterocera Main line(May 21, 2010)

  1. Jonathon Spires says:

    Hello. I saw this blog a little late. I have the place right beside Israel’s wonderful train depot. We are talking about seeing if the Linden Works (the moles) will build a connection to us. Apart from that I think we’ll be sharing a sidewalk as well. It would be nice if some other rail enthusiasts moved. As far as I can see, the area around Lapara did have a nice Japanese town, but sadly everyone seems to have moved on.

    It is always interesting to see how he goes with the building there. I am just working on a series of locomotives at the moment. Enjoy reading your blog.

    -J. Spires

  2. ujiyasu says:

    Thank you for your visit to my blog 🙂
    There are some problems in SLRR so that you say. I am agreeable for the access of the track to SLRR of the person of the good will like Iarael.

    His station is friendly with anyone. I hope so that LDPW takes good care of people like him.

    And ahh,the Japanese town which there was in Lapara disappeared. It is important that environment around Lapara improves. I pay attention to it around Lapara from now on 🙂

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