Rogue nation, North Korea

Sydkorea har bevis för nordkoreansk attack  from DN.SE

South Korea has evidence of North Korean attack

It was an attack from North Korea has lowered the Korean war ship “Cheonan” in March.  It strikes an international commission of inquiry established. The investigation of the accident, in which 46 sailors died, Swedish experts have also concluded.  North Korea rejected the accusations.

According to Korean press reports that the investigation commission, which investigated the accident, was extensive. A total of at least 130 people entered. The question whether it was an accident or a targeted attack by North Korea has been a sensitive story from the beginning.

Most people who entered the study, including management, have been Koreans. The mission also agreed to include four Swedish experts explained by the early Korea asked for help from a handful of nations.  In addition to the Swedish participants also attended a total of 16 investigators from the U.S., Australia and United Kingdom.

Among the Swedish investigators, two from the State Board will, one in Defence Materiel Administration, fmw, and a person from the Defence Research Agency, FOI, DN experiences.

 Asa Kastman Heuman.Director General of The Board, says she can not comment on the investigation when there is an issue the South Koreans themselves, and that Sweden’s contribution is therefore classified.

– We have not participated as observers, but have been there by four experts,.”

she says.

 “It’s all about technical expertise, explosives and shipbuilding, but also two people, who are specialists in investigative methodology such as this kind of accident investigations”

says Asa Kastman Heuman.

The International Accident Investigation Commission report, which was partly published in South Korea on Thursday, and that read, so the report states that there was no explosion that came from outside.  The case for this is explosive power, reports from eyewitnesses, sound recordings and to the metal in the vessel torn in two, but also damage to the sailors, which is said to be characteristic of an explosion.

// Furthermore, the report finds that the explosion consisted of 200-300 kg explosive. Several findings also says, according to the report, that there is a North Korean torpedo. This is about finding metal, portions of a torpedo, North Korean and serial numbers.

Observations also tells us that some of North Korea’s 70 submarines, left and returned a North Korean port, which lies at an affordable distance from where the South Korean vessel sank.

The commission’s conclusions, which have already leaked out on Wednesday, has led to a major political crisis between North and South Korea.  South Korean Foreign Minister Yu Myung-hwan ruled that the country now has enough evidence to take the matter to the UN Security Council.

 Yu Myung-hwan is the first statement by a senior politician who identifies North Korea as required for the reduction in the 1200-ton vessel on 26 March. 46 sailors were killed while 58 were rescued.

South Korean President Lee Myung-Bak threatened “strong countermeasures” after the crash investigation concludes that the North Korean torpedo led a South Korean warship. The comment was made in a telephone conversation with Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, according to a statement from Lee’s office.

South Korea should be strong international cooperation to recognize the DPRK and rejoin the international community as a responsible member, said Lee further.

 North Korea threatened, for its part, the war on South Korea imposes sanctions after accusing the northern neighbor to call the torpedo of a warship.

DPRK National Defence Commission said in a statement on state radio that evidence for South Korea’s North Korea’s debt is pure “fabrications”, reports the South Korean news agency Yonhap.

Barack Obama promised President Lee Myung-Bak to the United States stands by its commitments to defend South Korea from further acts of aggression.

 North Korea’s action is a challenge to international peace and a violation of the ceasefire, said in a statement from the White House.

Japanese Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama supported South Korea’s investigation of vessels decrease.

 – North Korea’s action is difficult to forgive and we condemn it strongly, “said Hatoyama.

Japan believes that it will be difficult to resume six-party talks on North Korea’s nuclear program after the allegation, said the head of the Cabinet Office, Hirofumi Hirano.

The talks involved the two Koreas and China, U.S., Japan and Russia.

 – It becomes difficult to keep the six-party talks on the situation remain as it is now, Hirano said at a press conference.

Pyongyang has boycotted the talks since 2008, but leader Kim Jong Il as China has said that he is willing to discuss a return.

Japan cannot believe North Korean say. Battle of Amami- shima which broke out in 2001 gave Japan a shock. They don’t observe international law. And they threaten Japan and Korea with a ballistic missile and a nuclear weapon.

We hold  6destroyers with Aegis Combat System for the menace from North Korea. And U.S.A. developed the technology. Strong Japan-U.S. alliance protects Japan, Korea and Taiwan in northeast Asia. Japanese Government and the Japanese citizen must not leave it.  There is not at all our ally in China.

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