Thailand’s political crisis


from DN.SE

Living among the clouds of smoke and cancellation of public transport

 Jennie Ekedahl Swede living in Bangkok and talk about life during the past week’s unrest.

 “We have been told not to go to work but stay home this week, “said Jennie Ekedahl on a crackly line from Bangkok. “

So she stays indoors instead of going to his internship at the UN. After four months back is Jennie Ekedahl in Bangkok. She does not live near the area where the protests last week has taken place, but still describes the mood as worried.

“I stay away from the affected areas. Of course I am worried that people will be harmed.”
Jennie Ekedahl said to

 She believes that everyday life in the past week largely proceeded as usual. Hon har kunnat handla mat och ätit på restaurang. She has been able to buy food and eating in restaurants. But she says that when she went into the weekend, she encountered both road blocks and checks.

“And the cloud of smoke!  At the moment it is burning in several places in the city. I can see four different clouds of smoke from my house.”

Traffic has been affected by demonstrations and riots.  Public transport has been completely turned off during the past week.

“Skytrain was closed one today because the demonstrators put out tires on the track. Otherwise, the authorities have shut down the trains.”

 Jennie Ekendahl describes the mood among ordinary Thais who tired, they want an end to the situation.

“People are trapped in their homes, they can not go to work and just looking on while the parts of their city burns.”

It is reported about a political crisis in Thailand in detail than Japan in Sweden. Thailand may be because it is popular as a destination of Swedes.

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