Mãebaleia Driving 6

Route8A diverges from Route8 in Richfield of the Satori continent southern part. Route8A goes north in the part of the backbone of the continent, but there is non-opening to traffic part midway. I drive the southern half.


I take out my Barbie Car in Rez Zone and begin a drive.


 I was transferred to the air suddenly soon.  And I cannot stand up. I did re-log unwillingly.

 There was a border of Tawa and Tortosa. I was going to be in Tortosa which my car was left for, but was not able to enter.

 Tortosa became extinct before long. It appeared ten several seconds later, but disappeared again immediately. In other words this SIM flashes on and off…

 I did teleport to north next SIM of Tortosa.

I got into my car from Koskov again.

 I watched an abandoned car on the way.

Even a road police car of Mini Mole was abandoned. The outskirts of Route8A seem to have very bad condition somehow or other.

 I am transferred to the sky again, and I do re-log.

Latter half, I arrived at the dead end of Route8A on foot.

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