The exploration method by airplane in mainland.

 It is necessary to know a state of SIM for the flight that is perfect in mainland. I used The HUD,REZpoint_checksr to examine a state of SIM. However, it displays only a state of SIM which I stay in. It means that I do not understand a state of next SIM. Therefore, I advance to the area planned before a flight and produce a monopolistic map.

 The red frames are BAN LINEs. I decide flight altitude from this map. Because there is much BAN LINE, immediately northwest 3SIMs of Kinrara understands that the flight at the low altitude is dangerous. Such an area does not have to drop in because there are many private areas. I keep 100m at altitude from the ground and pass the sky of the SIM.

 There is Baitoushan Intercontinental Airport in the northwest of those 3SIMs. Some airplanes are sold here, and there is the foothold of Flying Tigers, too.

 Many yachts and boats, helicopters are sold in west next Viedma.

 There is a circular peninsula when I advance to 2SIM ahead from Viedma to the west. I fly the peninsula clockwise from the northwest. Most of the Eastern bloc of the peninsula is flight danger zones covered in BAN LINEs.

 The south side of the peninsula has little BAN LINEs. I approached the castle on the hill.

 The other side most do not have BAN LINE from the north of the peninsula.

Such a careful exploration flight uses much trouble and time. And BAN LINE always changes. The map which I made may not be useful one hour later. This method is not practical after all. I come in the high sky of the SIM and usually confirm HUD. When the SIM is safe, I lower the altitude of my airplane while turning. The method is the most efficient.

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