The New SIMs of AMOK

I heard from Cat that a famous plane manufacturer in SL,AMOK moved to new 2SIMs. We visited the new SIMs.

When we talked, Mukuta came. She owns many airplanes.

I tried a demonstration of A-4 Skyhawk of AMOK. However, it was not possible for me even to take off. A thrust of Skyhawk seems to be small in comparison with SAAB37 which I am used to.

I changed to SAAB37Viggen which I was used to.

I flew high speed in the sky of the SIMs.

I am used to Viggen most now.

Viggen flies high speed lightly.

The owner of AMOK,Aeon logged in afterwards. All gathered around him in a moment. He seems to be a German. I asked whether Tornado IDS was sold to him. He answered me.

“If it was Tornado ECS, I already made it. ECS is Electronic Combat Sistem.”

Oops,I overlooked the existence. I must watch Tornado ECS later.

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