My Swedish friends

 My Swedish friend,Eddie made a minicar. He played a certain Japanese SIMs then. I got on the minicar which he driving. Cannot you watch his figure? Yes,he is folded in his minicar. We ran around in Japanese SIMs, but got tired soon. Uniform Japanese SIMs lacks fun.

 We visited Swedish SIMs. There seems to be the residential area that is full of nature. I see Swedish houses of a brown wall with a lot of photographs well. Eddie,explain the houses to me this time.

 Eddie took me to the garden of a certain house. And,Oh!  There were Vesper and her friends in the garden.

 Very lovely rabbit!!  I did rez of my boat here by goodwill of Vesper. Thank you,Vesper 🙂

I enjoyed a scene of neighboring splendid SIMs with Eddie.

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2 Responses to My Swedish friends

  1. Vesper Kling says:

    Oh so nice you visited yesterday! you are welcome any time and you can alway take a boat tour around the sims.

    Se you soon

    Hugs! =)

  2. ujiyasu says:

    The boat tour in beautiful Haven is very pleasant.
    Thank you.

    Please come to my Rera this time.
    See you soon!! 🙂

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