Corsica : The boat navigation vol.1

I stepped on Defender US Coast Guard in a southern coast of Kinrara Air Field. Kinrara is a hometown of Defender US Coast Guard. I was going to do the navigation around the northwest island from here.

Somebody sat down on the neighboring seat suddenly right after I let Defender move to the west. The man seemed to be newbie born in last month. He required me to hand over the steering boat to him. It is what an impudent man.  However, only I can move the Defender.

I took him to the place where the Defender is sold. He seems to yet know nothing. He was going to still operate my boat sometimes.

I ignored him and went from Kinrara to the north. He rode with my boat for a while, but left silently soon.

I was finally freed from a selfish man 🙂  The immediately northwest island of Kinrara has a big port and air port.

I advanced to the west along the relationship of high seas.

 I saw a residential area before long. It seems to be a totally lakeside villas.

My Defendey went ahead through the small waterway carefully. I must be cautious of BAN LONE at such a place.

I was passing a complicated waterway, and I met with BAN LINE three times.

When the waterway is dead-end, there is it for a while. I seem to walk the maze.

I advance while looking for a place to be able to go along. Perhaps the navigation by the yacht is difficult.

I arrived at the south edge of high seas and advanced from there to the west at a stretch.

I crush the rock and must advance. The rock is a phantom in fact…

I sneaked around from the southwest of the island to the west and arrived at the place where my seaplane was stopped by BAN LINE the other day.

And I challenge the waterway between the villas again.

I aimed at the east high seas while going back and forth in the waterway sometimes.

I fell out at last to the high seas.

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