Sobanudlar Monica Eisenman lagar sobanudlar Sobasallad med tonfisk

Sobasallad with tuna
When I am in Tokyo for the first time to sobanudlar in the traditional way – with cold dip sauce – I was not entirely happy. But later when I got this recipe from my friend Niki, I was quite lyrical: a perfect quick lunch on a hot summer day. / Monica Eisenman

Servings: 4 Ingredients
0.5 dl wakamealger dried or 100 grams of baby spinach
200 g sobanudles or egg noodles
Each cucumber
1pc red chilli
1pot coriander
1jar mint
3tbsp Japanese soy
4tablespoons mirin
1tbsp sesame oil
400 g fresh tuna, ev
2tablespoons canola oil, approximately

Sesame seeds for garnish, roasted or flavored with wasabi

Do I want to treat themselves to eat I sobasalladen with a little tuna or salmon, but it is just as good without. / Monica Eisenman

Mirin is a sweet, amber and alcoholic liquid which plays an important role as a seasoning in Japanese cuisine.



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