Corsica : Castle Valeria Infohub

Castle Valeria Infohub is an island facing the high seas which link the Corsica continent to the Nautilus continent. This SIM seems to belong to the Corsica continent. There is a small cove in the south of the island, and a sailing ship,ExplorerⅡ anchors in there. The ship is jolted in a wave, but it is only it.

 A small tavern

 I climb the slope and access rhe castle.

 A bascule bridge built over the front of the castle. I looked at the bottom of the cliff from there.

 There seem to be a large number of avatars in the castle.

 However, nobody is in the inside of the castle.

 The avatars gather in the courtyard of the castle and chat.

 It is Information Hub here at the same time to be a castle.

 Many avatars pursue an encounter and conversation in here.

Me? I like watching scenery.

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